Selected Projects

  • Transformer for needle tracking
    • 16-824 Visual Learning and Recognition, Spring 2021, Carnegie Mellon University
    • Other members: Alex Hung, Muyu Ouyang

    Page Github

    We explore using a U-transformer and multiple combinations of the model structures to track the inserted needle in ultrasoung images.

  • SLAM for a ship welding robot
    • 16-833 Robot Localization and Mapping, Fall 2020, Carnegie Mellon University
    • Other members: Qindong Zhang, Ishraq Bhuiyan


    We use ICP-based SLAM, HDL and Kalman filter to localize a ship welding robot in a GPS-denied environment.

  • Transfer learning for human detection in thermal images
    • 11-685 Introduction to Deep Learning, Fall 2020, Carnegie Mellon University
    • Other members: Ashley Kim, Ran Zhang, Jianchang Huang

    Github Presentation Report

    We explore transfer learning and active learning methods to detect the pedestrian in the thermal images using faster R-CNN and YOLO.

  • Ultrasound speckle noise denoising with edge preservation
    • 16-725 Medical Image Analysis, Spring 2020, Carnegie Mellon University

    I implemented a classical speckle reduction anisotropic diffusion (SRAD) filter in python, and improved the filter performance by adding histogram matching and edge preservation. I added histogram matching after several iterations to keep the contrast, and modified the original diffusion coefficient based on the result of Canny edge detector. I found that the new SRAD filter performs better in noise reduction and edge preservation, and have higher SSIM and Figure of Merit (FOM).

  • Optimization-based planning method for robot lifting
    • 16-741 Mechanics of Manipulation, Fall 2019, Carnegie Mellon University

    I implemented an optimization-based planning method trying to minimize a goal function defined by the torque and the length of the trajectory. The project explores how different optimization goals influence the optimal trajectory.